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How to Weld Diamond Segment to Saw Blade?


Published by Boreway Machinery March 30,2020
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How to Weld Diamond Segment to Saw Blade?

Welding frame for diamond saw blade
Diamond Segment is welded to saw blade with high frequency induction heating machine and Welding Frame. Since diamond segment and saw blade made of different metal, we adopt this brazing welding technique.  
Welding rack for diamond saw blade induction heating machine
1). Firstly, Stone cutting segments ground and polished by grinding wheel 
2). Secondly, Put silver soldering piece( silver-plated copper piece) between the diamond segment and saw blade
3). Thirdly, Turn on the high frequency welding machine to achieve water and high temperature
4). Finally, Weld the diamond segment and saw blade together.
Diamond saw blade for cutting marblesDiamond saw blade for cutting granite
1) Choose proper granite cutting segments according to the cutting material. Quality of diamond segment determine the cutting efficiency and lifespan of the saw blade. The technique should allow timely adjustment of diamond segment to make sure accurate welding.

2) Choose proper sliver soldering piece, silver content no less than 35%. pay attention to the welding temperature and time. Welding temperature should be set 600℃-800℃. too high temperature and too long period will make adjacent teeth stick together, then whole diamond saw blade deform. Isolation welding and diagonal welding is highly suggested to avoid the deformation of the saw blade.

3) Diamond saw blade should be naturally cooled on the welding frame for at least 2 hours before removed after welding process. Then the diamond saw blade should be hung vertically. Generally speaking, diamond saw blade can be put into use after 10-hours hanging.
Boreway diamond Segments for saw blade

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