How To Use Welding Frame Correctly?

Published by Boreway Machinery Oct 23,2021
How To Use Welding Frame Correctly?
 Welding Frame Welding Frame Welding Frame
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In order to facilitate correct installation, operation and maintenance, please carefully read the following points before using the semi-automatic welding frame:

1:The “BWM-HJ08” welding frame can weld saw blade from ø250mm to ø800mm ( Max ø1400mm can be welded after being boosted 500mm high). The “BWM-HJ165” welding frame can weld saw blade from ø250mm to ø2300mm ( Max ø2300mm can be welded after being boosted 1000mm high). In addition, the kind of welding frame can be used for welding gang saw blade after specially modification.

2:Please notice the following tips before the installation: Four mounting holes on the base of the welding frame which can be locked onto solid foundation with expansion screws. (The installation must be strongly and conveniently ).

3:You should check the electricity circuit, air and water before the testing, and make sure mechanical parts without bruises, deformation or damage. Please see the labels of the each parts carefully, then you can turn on the power, air and water after excluding anomalies.

4:Please connect the air with 5/8 trachea in accordance with the labels. After connection, turn on the power of the air compressor and turn the air pressure to 0.3-0.6MPa, try each manual valve control, adjusting each cylinder’s running speed, connect the cooling water after finished adjusting  and turn on the power of water pump according to the labels. The machine uses AC single-phase 220V power. Make sure the supplying power is correct before electrical connection. Turn on the power button and use electric pencil to check whether leakage phenomenon or not.

5. The "BWM-HJ165” type welding frame has electric lifting system, and there are jacks on the left side of the electric control box, connect them correctly. There are lifting control buttons on the front side of the electric control box, please pay attention to the upper and lower limit when using the lifting system because there’s no automatic limit function.

6:At your first time using , in order to improve the welding precision, you can use the equipped diamond rasp to friction the ceramic chucks. Please do the followings: Turn on the air compressor, keep the ceramic chucks open. remove the screw of segments limit. Rise up the chucks. Let the top of the diamond rasp a little higher than the chucks, the bottom of the rasp in the copper chucks, keep diamond rasp vertically in the middle of ceramic chucks. Make the ceramic chucks near to the diamond rasp by adjusting the chucks limit screw. Shorten the distance of the ceramic chucks and the rasp, adjust the handle at the same time, keeping the chucks in the middle of the diamond rasp. Keep chucks clamping the diamond rasp tightly and lift the handle. Then clamping tightly once more, repeat back and forth several times. Do the same way when the ceramic chucks are worn out or change the new ceramic chucks.

7:To make sure the welding accuracy, We suggest you to replace the pneumatic cylinder finger every 3-6 months. ( Depend on using frequency and the demands of the welding accuracy).

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